Online fretboard tools

A set of tools to make sense of fretboards, chords and scales.

Online tablature player

Tools created by a bassplaying programmer.

The online tablature player can:

  • Extract notes from tabs
  • Play the notes in the tab
  • Display the positions on the neck of an instrument
  • Show the movement of the note positions on the fretboard in time


Online tablature player demo

Try it yourself or see the example below:

  • Click a note on the fretboard to hear it.
  • Doubleclick to toggle visibility
  • Hover to see the occurences in tablature

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    Supported instruments and tunings

    Instrument Tuning
    guitarE A D G B E
    bassE A D G
    ukuleleG C E A
    banjoG D G B D
    mandolinG D A E

    Fretboard map

    Using the fretboard map you can see the postion of any combination of notes on the fretboard of your preferred instrument (guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, etc)

    Try the fretboard map right now, choose your instrument, enter notes and you will get a map of the notes on your instrument.

    If you want to suggest a new instrument or tuning, just contact us

    Show all positions of individual notes on the neck of whatever stringed instrument you might play.

    See the position of notes on the fretboard for common guitar chords.

    Chords suggester

    Suggests scales too.

    Fretboard map

    • Choose your instrument
    • Enter notes (C, F, G, Eb, D# ...)
    • find all positions on the fretboard
    Bass guitar

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